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Shoulder Treatment


MaxPerformGO is built on the collaboration of medical professionals, elite trainers, sports specialists uniting to better serve the community.​

MaxPerformGO is built on two core values:

  1. Prevention 

  2. Performance


Our focus is to move away from "the fix it after it is broken" model and instead prevent injury through a multi prong approach:

Health and Wellness Screens:

We believe in prevention. We believe in addition to seeing your doctor on an annual basis, you should also have an annual musculoskeletal screen.

We feel people don't know what they don't know...until it is too late.

For example, who knew there is proper mechanics for going up and down stairs and that learning those mechanics could have saved a lot of knees and hips?

Who knew that if you corrected your posture before turning your head or before raising your arm, you could help prevent cervical or shoulder impingement.

Again, you don't know until after the fact.

In addition, our screening process is specific to the person in mind.

For unilateral sports athletes, we focus on any asymmetry in limb strength, flexibility, and balance that may be common with sports like tennis and baseball. 

For impact sports athletes, we look at impact form and force absorption technique. 

We address issues right away to do our best to avoid injuries in future play.


In addition to education and screens, we will help prevent injury and make change through the use of manual stretching and deep tissue work through our manual therapy arm-STRETCH-n-GO. 

There are certain areas that are difficult to stretch and mobilize on one's own. Our clinicians have a variety of treatment techniques.  Using these techniques we will do deep tissue to help relax knotted muscles, stretch tight tissue to improve muscle flexibility, and mobilize stiff joints to improve one’s mobility.  In this way, it is all encompassing. You get both short term and long-term benefits from this approach.

Performance side:

We feel combining the right stretching, strengthening, and mechanics training will translate into significant performance gains.

Our performance assessments are research based. We use journal recommended tests and measures as it pertains to each sport. We also combine measures we use on the PT, strength and conditioning, and functional movement assessment side to ensure a thorough, sensitive, and task/sport specific testing.


Sports Metrics

We also harness the data rich power of technology to evaluate, monitor, and assess athletes throughout the process to ensure we are making the right change. We believe in the "proof is in the pudding approach". We will use high speed camera systems, doppler radar technology, swing/throw technology and combine with baseline performance data to track strength, speed, agility, and mechanics. 


So far so good on the Performance side as we have been making excellent gains with all of our client populations.

We have been able to improve gains in strength, flexibility, and mechanics which have then translated over into measurable gains in sports performance metrics.

Our golfers have made gains of 10-15% in clubhead speed, driving distance in as little as 4 weeks. Our basketball athletes have made gains of 8.6% gain in vertical jump height in as little as 4 weeks. Our baseball athletes as much as 15% gain in clubhead velocity, exit velocity, throwing velocity, spin rate gains in as little as 4 weeks. Again, "proof is in the pudding".


What sets MaxPerformGO apart from the competition?

Our solid network of experienced medical to elite trainers and well known sports specialists sets us apart from the competition. 

Our team believes in constant and open communication from top to bottom to maximize outcomes. 

Our team believes that a higher level of accountability yields better quality of care.

With our strong network and  this concierge type team approach, we are confident we can help a person reach their goals from A-Z.

Lastly, we are built organically from the community and fully vested in helping our community optimize their health.

MaxPerformGO has many brand differentiators and many service offerings all built with the community in mind. We are here to help optimize health and prevent injury. 

Our Process

Our clinicians at MAX PERFORM GO are trained in the ACES approach to treatment and goal progression.

ACES is an acronym that stands for:

​Assess: We will conduct a thorough evaluation to localize deficits and screen for red flags.  

​Collaborate/Change: We will collaborate within our network of trained medical professionals, trainers, and sports specialists to address your needs.

​Empower: We will show you how to continue to keep and progress your gains in flexibility, strength, mechanics, and habits. 

​Succeed: Along the way, we will monitor your progress by scheduling periodic checkups, and will reinforce positive habits to keep you on track on your road to success.

​Book now to Invest in Your Health and Your Road to Success!​

Physical Therapy
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